Space Coast Crew competes at FSRA Sweep States

Space Coast Crew’s  men’s third varsity 8 was the only boat on the mens team to medal at FSRA Sweep States. With  the men’s third varsity 8 coming in third they were the success of the team on April 27-28 at States.

Sophomore Lennon Manuel said his boat the second varsity 8 did not meet expectations.

“Last minute we had a line up change switching two people and it made the boat a lot faster at practice, but it wasn’t enough at States,” he said. “We were the only boat on the team to not go to grands because even in reps we lost and had to go to petites.”

Sophomore Slater Rhodes celebrated being the only one on the men’s team to medal.

“It was pretty cool getting another States medal, but we did have two rowers who were in the V8 but came down to the 3V because of injuries and taking time off from crew,” he said ” So that may have given us an advantage but I still think we could’ve gotten third without them in the original lineup.”

Space Coast Crew will be sending some of its team to Regionals this upcoming weekend at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota

By Alex Matta