Sophomores to compete in brain bowl

Sophomore homerooms will begin practicing for an all-star brain bowl scheduled to be held on March 16. A practice session will take place March 2. All-star team members will meet in the auditorium for the competition and only one homeroom will emerge victorious.

The format will differ slightly from the one used in last year’s Tri-Bond competition.

“For the tournament, the question will be posted or read aloud, and the teams will have buzzers,” Sophomore Class sponsor Gabrielle Powers said. “Whoever rings in first will have the opportunity to answer the question. If they get it wrong, they lose a point, but if they get it right, they gain a point.”

Powers also said students will not have the option to choose whether they want to compete or not.

“Names will be selected out of a hat, and those students will compete,” Powers said. “From the March 2 homeroom practice, the teacher and students will submit the four or five all-stars that were chosen to participate in the all-star brain Bowl tournament on March 16 in the auditorium.”

Summer Rhodes, a member of last year’s Tri-Bond-winning homeroom, said the random all-star format will be a game-changer.

“Last year our homeroom chose the smartest people in our homeroom to compete in order to perform at the highest level possible,” Rhodes said. “Randomly choosing participants will slightly change the playing field. The selected students this year may not perform as well as if we had the ability to choose like last year, but I think this will help level the playing field for all the homerooms. It’ll give everyone a chance to participate, not just the high-performing students.”

By Briana Sandoval