Sophomores take FCAT practice test

All sophomores in attendance Tuesday took the FCAT reading and mathematics practice tests on computers during their social studies classes.

Before the practice tests, guidance counselors Dina McMillan and Mike Drake read instructions.

Sophomore Maddie Dimond lamented the loss of class time.

“I thought it was stupid,” she said.  “It felt like a major waste of time and mine was during AP U.S. History. I have an APUSH practice exam in a week, and I could have used that period to better prepare myself for it instead of doing basic computer training.”

According to sophomore Jim Balboni, more of the FCAT training time was spent listening to simple instructions about the practice test than actually taking test itself.

“It made me feel like they thought I was incompetent,” he said. “It wasn’t complicated at all. They didn’t even need to spend five minutes explaining it, let alone a whole period.”

By Caitlyn Donovan