Sophomores still waiting for class T-shirts

SMembers of the sophomore class ordered their T-shirts back in February, but with four days left of school, the shirts still have not arrived

Matt Henderson is the class sponsor and has called Standard Collective, the company from which the shirts were ordered, at least twice a week for the past three weeks.

“It has been over three months since I ordered the T-shirts. I’m not really happy that they haven’t come in,” Henderson said.” If I call the guy [Wednesday] and he doesn’t have them today, I am canceling the order and refunding everyone.”

Sophomore Rachel Stazzone said receiving her class shirt with less than a week of school remaining would  be pointless.

” I am disappointed that we haven’t gotten our T-shirts,” she said.” I paid $20 for the shirt, and by the time we get them I won’t even be a sophomore anymore.”

By Allie Henderson and Clayton Wheeling