Sophomore’s sister returns from Thailand

Sophomore Allison Clark said she’s looking forward to Easter weekend because she’ll get to see her sister Jennifer Clark, who  has lived in Thailand for the past three years.

“I am a missionary who also teaches English at an elementary school,” Jennifer Clark said. “I wanted to travel and experience new cultures while also working as a teacher and sharing about my faith.”

The last time she came to the United States was April 2021.

“It’s her summer break there,” Allison Clark said. “So she is coming just to visit because we don’t get to see her very often.“

To come to the states, Jennifer Clark has to follow the COVID restrictions for international travel. 

“I have to take a PCR test at least 24 hours before my flight to the United States,” she said. “When I return to Thailand I will take a PCR test when I land and quarantine in a hotel for one day while I wait for the results. This limited quarantine is because I am fully vaccinated.”

By Mattie Menzie