Sophomores prepare for SGA elections

The sophomore class is preparing to vote for next year’s SGA board which soon will be begin planning and raising money for Prom. In order to qualify to run for office, candidates had to take qualifying steps to even be considered in the race.

“To start out you need to fill out paperwork and get signatures from faculty and previous members of the student government,” vice president candidate and sophomore Alex Foroglou said.

The candidates next fill out a packet then proceed to collect three recommendations from teachers and a signature certifying they have a 3.0 or higher grade-point average and satisfactory classroom behavior. If accepted by the faculty, candidates then must write a speech and present it during a class assembly.

“I wrote out and made sure I had everything I wanted to say,” vice presidential candidate and sophomore Sabrina Torres said. “A lot of us make stickers since we aren’t allowed to give out other things, then we cross our fingers and hope we win.”

Torres said she didn’t find the process overly challenging.

“The hardest part was trying to come up with a slogan that rhymes both me and Devin [Thrush’s] name,” she said. 

By Savannah Henderson