Sophomores relax with end of APUSH

As the week of the Advanced Placement United States History exam comes to a close, sophomore Bonnie Rice breathes a sigh of relief. The year of late night studying and frantic note-taking is now over, and Rice can finally relax.

“Now that we have had the APUSH exam, I’m really relieved because now I know it’s done and there is nothing I can do anymore and so I can stop worrying about it,” Rice said.

Sophomore Claire Goffinet shares the relief following the end of the exam.

“I feel very relieved,” Goffinet said. “And I’m happy that I don’t have to cram anymore for the exam. I’m happy to feel pretty stress-free.”

APUSH teacher Jim Pustay feels confident in the ability of the students who took the exam on Wednesday.

“I had to keep the students pumped and make sure that they peaked at the right time,” Pustay said. “Going in, I felt confident that 100 percent were more than capable to pass the exam, but realistically probably fifteen percent put in no effort. So, I would say about 78 percent have passed.”

By Molly Minta