Sophomores debate in history class

As exams creep closer, sophomores in the U.S History Honors class debate instead of reviewing. With the first U.S. History EOC, Tony Riopelle had to make changes in his teaching plans in order to prepare, so the debates could fit into the school year.

“They were awesomely terrible,” said sophomore Kelly Johnston. “Honestly, having assignments due everyday was not the best idea and I had other things to do.”

The assignment was to write a research paper on a topic that is related to current events and present the point found.

“Oh, I hated them,” said sophomore Shelley Mitchell. “I never liked them because I just think it is kind of awkward, and Mr. Riopelle is very biased in that the team with the basketball player wins.”

“They were a little unguided, but they were still interesting,” said sophomore Eva Johnson.

By: Shilo Toland