Sophomore prepares for Speech and Debate Nationals

Sophomore Ajani Sharma is continuing to prepare for Speech and Debate Nationals. The tournament will be held in Orlando from Nov. 14 to Nov. 17.

Sharma said she is preparing for the tournament by practicing the topic of whether or not a government should justify a worker’s right to strike. 

“I have been researching the topic and making my contentions and arguments,” Sharma said. “I’m going [to the tournament] with my Florida Virtual school team because the West Shore club was newly developed this year.”

West Shore Speech and Debate members, including freshmen Yogi Patel and Beau Couture, hope to attend the tournament next year. 

“I love Speech and Debate,” Patel said. “And with enough commitment and hard work I hope I can not only get to nationals next year, but win.”

For Couture, going to the tournament is not just about winning.

“I think going to a competition at that grand of a scale would be so much fun,” Couture said. “Not only would I get to spend time with my friends from West Shore, but also meet new friends.”

By Nicholas Miles