Sophomore Class screams for ice cream

With standardized tests rapidly approaching, sophomore homeroom teachers have decided students could use a little time to decompress.

Sophomore class sponsor Gabrielle Powers recently announced an ice cream social for 10th-grade homeroom students will be held May 4 during homeroom in the cafeteria.

“It’s a social events for the 10th-graders to come together,” Powers said. “When we meet in our homerooms,  students are used to just talking with the same people in their homerooms every time. The ice cream social is a chance for the whole 10th grade to get together and hangout. Unfortunately, there’s not much time for the kids to eat, so hopefully they won’t be inhaling their food before the bell rings. I’m anticipating a good outcome though.”

Sophomore Emily Browne said she is looking forward to the ice cream social.

“I think that since most people in our grade probably already know each other, the ice cream social will be a great opportunity to socialize with one another,” Browne said. “Plus ice cream is always a good idea.”

Sophomore Summer Rhodes said the social could help sophomores make new friends.

“In my opinion, eating food is the best way to bond with people,” Rhodes said. “I think that since some of the sophomores probably don’t know everyone in their grade, eating ice cream will be an easy way for them to bond and talk. I hope everyone gets a chance to mingle and get to know people other than their close-knit group of friends.”

By Briana Sandoval