Sophomore Class Club raising Prom funds

The Class of 2014 recently created a Sophomore Class Club with the purpose of raising money early for the spring 2013 Prom.

“I think it’s beneficial for Sophomore Class Club to start raising money now because we have to plan Prom next year, and we have to make it as best we can,” sophomore Paula Kostro said. “I hope we raise enough money, but at this point I’m not sure where they are at.”

Club members along with sponsor Sue Woyshner have have brainstormed ideas of a carnival or Sophomore Class T-shirts sales to help raise funds.

“The word in the hallways is Sophomore Class is here to help us get funds so that we can have a really awesome Prom,” sophomore Stephanie Everest said. “Hopefully, we can accomplish that goal.”

By Sarah Brusca