Sony’s next generation console nears release

Sony announced that it is working on the successor to the PlayStation 4 during an interview between the console’s lead architect Mark Cerny and “Wired” magazine.

During the interview,  Cerny said the new console has been four years in the making and is no mere upgrade.

Sony’s new console features backwards compatibility which means it can play PlayStation 4 games along with its own games.

“Backwards compatibility is good because I can sell my PS4 when I get the console and get some extra money from that, so I don’t have two consoles.” junior Braden Bashwinger said.

The new console also features a solid-state drive, designed to improve the loading time and rendering time for the console’s games. For example, “Spiderman” for PlayStation 4 has a 15-second loading time on PlayStation 4 Pro, but takes 0.8 seconds to load on the developer kit for the new console.

“The loading speed is incredible because they’re one of my biggest frustrations with games and seeing that cut down by almost 15 times is incredible,” sophomore Dylan Bissessarsingh.

The console also includes other upgrades such as support for 8K resolution, compatibility with PlayStation Virtual Reality, and 3D audio.

“It’s a lot better than the PS4’s hardware, and it could rival with a lot of PC’s hardware,” Bashwinger said. “It will support very, very good-looking games.” 

The console will not release this year, but when it enters it will meet-competition with gaming streaming services from Google Stadia and Apple Arcade.

“ I absolutely believe that it will be able to compete and on the front of competing against Microsoft, I think it’ll blow it out of the water,” Bissessarsingh said.

By Carlos Zelaya