Some e-learners return to campus classes

As the second semester begins, freshman Niki Knoblock has decided to change from e-learning to school-based learning. 

“I switched from e-learning to in school learning because I was really struggling with my classes,” she said. “I would get distracted a lot and had technical issues that made me tardy in some of my classes.”

Even though switching from e-learning to real life learning was tough, it benefited her a lot.

“Ever since I’ve come to school, there has been an increase in my grades,” Knoblock said. “I’m understanding a lot more concepts now.”

Freshman Bella Kamon also made the switch.

“My family decided that things have gotten better and it is safe for me to come back to school,” she said. “I wasn’t very happy at home. I wouldn’t get to talk to my friends, and it was really hard for me to stay on task while I was at home.”

She said switching has helped with her grades and mental health.

“It’s way easier to focus and get work done in a classroom setting rather than my house,” Kamon said. “I spend my time with people that make me happy which has made it a better experience.”

By Nishna Patel