Smoothie fundraiser benefits Whitworth

Junior Shaye recently arranged a fundraiser at Tropical Smoothie Café to benefit Coach Jason Whitworth, who recently was diagnosed with Lou Gerhig’s disease.

“The fundraiser for coach Whitworth to me is a way for the junior class to thank him for all of his hard work for our grade and students and to let him know we are supporting him in this tough time,” Wilson said.

Wilson works at Tropical Smoothie, and when she realized that there was no junior class fundraiser, she put one together.

“Junior Class Club claimed to be too busy and caught up in Prom preparations, and I thought that there was no better call to action than for me to set up a fundraiser,” Wilson said.

Many students who have had Whitworth as a coach or teacher have felt impacted by him personally, even before this year.

“Little did he know that his words would impact so many of us when he said ‘Character is what you do when no one is looking, and by the looks of it, this class hasn’t showed me a very good judge of character,’” Wilson said. “It’s just too sad that tragedy must strike for us to realize how much someone has impacted our lives without either of you knowing it.”

Fifteen percent of the profits from the smoothies was donated directly to the Whitworths.

By Maegan Muir