Skater launches new board design

Rock climber, skateboarder and surfer Noah Carro has added some “out of this world” designs to his skateboard.

“I’ve always loved space,” Carro said, ”and wanted to give my board a personal touch, so I drew the rocket and astronaut.”

Carro spends most of his time outside but decided to spend some time working on customizing his skateboard.

“It took me a couple of hours,” Carro said “and it was different drawing on grip tape, but a cool new experience.”

Grip tape is the grainy, sandpaper-like sheet with an extremely sticky underside that adhere to the skateboard deck surface to provide traction.

Carro plans on drawing on more of his boards with paint markers.

“I want to do every deck a different theme,” Carro said, “and keep them as memories.”

His inspiration to paint the astronaut and the rocket came from a 46-year-old Elton John song.

“The purpose of painting on my board was for me just to make it my own, and I was listening to ‘Rocket Man’ the whole time.”

By Olivia Webb