Sink hole caves in on walk way

During a routine brisk walk around, Assistant Principal Robert Farrell stumbled upon a hole that was caved in outside the lunch room in the brick walkway. Farrell made the discovery earlier this week and immediately roped it off to protect the lives of students.

Farrell said he wasn’t surprised that a sign of aging appeared in the infrastructure.

“The brick walk way looks like it is relatively new compared to the rest of the school remember this school was built in 1957,” Farrell said.

Farrell said it should be fixed in the near future.

“The district maintenance office has been notified as soon as we found it and we are waiting for them to take care of it.” Farrell said. “The brick area is still safe to students and the area has be sectioned off with caution tape, and as long as the students walk around the caution tape and don’t walk into the hole then they should be fine. This hole looks like an isolated issue so I don’t expect it to occur again but I can’t promise anything.”

Sophomore Elizabeth Marrin expressed concerns about walking in the vicinity of the brick walk way.

“Since the hole appeared earlier on this week I have been trying to avoid the brick area because I don’t trust it,” Marrin said. ” I don’t want to run the risk of getting a sprained or broken ankle, so I have decided to only walk on the pavement area around the school.”

Marrin agreed with Farrell that the school’s age likely factored into the erosion.

“I am not suppressed that this occurred because the school is 50 plus years old,” Marrin said. ” This might be the first sign of the school starting to deteriorate to a point were it isn’t safe for students to attend school here it concerns me.”

By Stone Kershaw