SHS scales back fund-raisers

Although their recently cancelled field-trip was partly due to expenses, the officers of the Spanish Honor Society have decided to make the club’s annual International Fiesta the only fund-raiser left this year.

“Since testing will begin soon before [the International Fiesta],” secretary Rachel Alba said, “there’s no need for another fund-raiser. The officers and I have decided that since the International Fiesta is our biggest fund-raiser, we will not need another one.”

Other members such as Emily Shoemaker are in agreement with the decision made by the officers.

“I think we will make a nice profit off of [the fiesta],” Shoemaker said. “And it’s a good way to end this year’s fund-raisers. Since the St. Augustine field trip was cancelled and we currently don’t have another one planned, we don’t have a need for more fund-raising options.”

Members of the club are currently planning for the fiesta and are working on setting a date on which it will take place.

By Auston Gonzalez