SGA reconsiders proposed project

Student Government Association is planning a project called Character of the Month, in which students are recognized for the special activities they do.

“I think this way of recognizing students who would ordinarily go unnoticed is really great,” member Margarita Cruz-Sanchez said. “There will not be much attention on the students who usually get recognized.”

The project is supposed to be introduced some time this school year. However, due to similarities with another project from a different club, SGA is reevaluating the focus of Character of the Month.

“We’re still discussing it at the moment,” secretary Alicia Ortiz said. “There was another club, maybe Key or BETA, who did something similar, so we are still trying to see if it’s going to be implemented or not.”

SGA will continue to have meetings to discuss the future of their upcoming projects.

By Aakilah Hernandez