SGA decision on Homecoming venue expected Monday

The Student Government Association will make its decision on the 2011 Homecoming dance venue Monday, and club sponsor Heidi Heath says SGA wants to base the decision on what the student body as a whole would prefer.

“With so many students in our high school, we cannot possibly fulfill every desire,” she said. “But we can consider all possibilities and new ideas.”

Moving the dance to the school’s gym is one possibility being explored. If this venue were chosen, the club would likely purchase decorations for the gym that could be used in the years to come.

“We would like to create reusable curtains to cover the walls and would somehow disguise the ceiling, Heath said. “Once those things are accomplished, then the venue is like any other — except cheaper.”

Having a less-expensive venue could also reduce the ticket price by approximately $5.

“At first I was completely against having Homecoming in the gym,” SGA member Virginia Compton said. “But when I heard about how we could make it look less like a gym and more like a real venue, I didn’t think it was a bad idea. It would probably still be more enjoyable if it was held somewhere else though.”

SGA encourages students to weigh in with their ideas on the subject.

“Grab an SGA member and voice your opinion,” Heath said. “It’s not just a good idea. It’s welcomed.”

By Julia Levy