Service-learning hours due by March 23

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

The deadline for service learning hours for all students is March 23. Students who do not have hours turned in will not be eligible to attend Prom or Grad Bash.

“It’s certainly something we don’t want to enforce,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said. “But the deadline for all grades is a full month before Prom, so if you still don’t have hours turned in, that’s a problem.”

Melia said the due date poses a problem for some students who planned to earn their hours durning Relay for Life which isn’t scheduled until after Prom.

“I get my hours from other sources, but I can see how students who depend on Relay for Life for hours would have to figure out another plan pretty quickly,” junior Ana Guerra said. “It would [stink] if someone couldn’t go to Prom because they didn’t know about the deadline in time. I didn’t even know there was a deadline. I thought we just had to turn them in by the end of the year.”

Service-learning hours forms should be turned in to homeroom teachers or to the guidance office.

“Technically we could say someone couldn’t walk across the stage at graduation if they didn’t have their hours turned in on time,” Melia said. “Are we going to do that? No, but it’s just a thought.”