Seniors will take EOCs for every course

For decades, seniors in Brevard County Schools have been exempted from taking final exams in classes in which they have “A” averages. But a new policy, courtesy of the school board and the state legislature, says that no longer will be the case.

“I am incredibly mad about this, I’ve worked so hard to maintain a good grade in my core classes just so I would not have to take a final exam,”  Timmy Nguyen said. “This is completely ridiculous.”

Testing coordinator Mike Drake expressed sympathy.

“I can understand why students are upset because they were told one thing and now it’s something else,” he said.

Under state law, all students must now take an end-of-course exam fore every class. Exams for core classes have been produced by the state, while those for physical education and electives currently are being written by the school district.  In addition to teachers not knowing all the material their students will encounter on the tests, there is another challenge that affects seniors: exam grades will need to be averaged in with semester grades.

“We’re going to be on a tight schedule with the EOCs for the seniors trying to have them graded before their graduation,” Drake said.

Senior Zuri Lawrence appears baffled by the change.

“I don’t understand why we need to take the EOC’s because most of us will know which college we will be attending by December,” she said. ” EOC’s won’t affect that. Whoever came up with this idea needs use their brain next time.”

By Sacha Laloo