Seniors turn in project papers

With drafts of the Senior Project paper previously submitted, seniors’ revised paper was due Friday.

“I am very glad that we turned in the papers,” senior Andres Maldonado said. “It is a relief.”

Senior Stephanie Shaw was also pleased when the due date arrived.

“I am relieved,” Shaw said. “I am done with this paper, and this is the biggest part of my stress. With the senior paper done now I have only dance and injuries to worry about.”

On the other hand, senior Shaye Wilson had a different opinion.

“I was threatened to have to leave the school if I didn’t turn in my completed 2,000 words,” Wilson said. “So I did it, but the paper was nowhere near close to my finished product. The night before the actual senior paper was due I found myself retyping half of my paper.”

But Wilson said she learned an important lesson.

“By procrastinating, I added so much stress that all my other classmates had squared away weeks ago,” Wilson said. “I recommend finishing your paper as soon as possible.”

By Erin Sheridan