Senior’s project takes her to other campuses

Mattie Shaw’s Senior Project has taken her to the campuses of both Melbourne and Eau Gallie High School. Shaw’s project involves researching discrimination against disabled students in South Brevard County.

“I’m really interested in majoring in something that has to do with disables students so that’s what gave me the idea to do this project,” Shaw said.

While visiting Melbourne and Eau Gallie high schools, Shaw passed out surveys for a variety of students to fill out. The questions vary from “Have you ever discriminated against a disabled student?” to “Have you ever been discriminated against?”

“Eau Gallie and Melbourne high schools have good disabled-student programs, so I was able to talk to administration and students who interact with the programs on a daily basis.”

Shaw’s sister Jessie also helped pass out surveys at both schools.

“It was kind of weird going up to random students and asking them to take a survey,” Jessie said. “I was surprised by the amount of students that had heard discrimination going on at their school considering the fact that I go to a school where there isn’t a lot of that going on.”

By Kenzie Scott