Seniors Project deadlines kicking in

Twelfth-graders passed a milestone recently, when they submitted the first three paragraphs of their Senior Project research papers for assessment. The Senior Project — which is a required assignment — includes four major areas for completion: a research paper, a product, a portfolio and an oral presentation. Participants choose a subject for their research and submit the idea for approval before continuing with the assignment.

“I’m nervous because it’s a big part of our Senior Project grade, but I guess I was prepared, ” senior Jaclyn Martin said. “I feel like it is a bit soon, and there is a lot of pressure to get the paper perfect.”

The persuasive research paper has a minimum requirement of 2,000 words for the standard format and 3,000 words for an optional honors version and must correlate with the project proposal.

“If the topic is hosting a pet adoption for an animal shelter, the paper could be on animal cloning,” said senior seminar teacher Amanda Kopp, whose class opens up advantages to those seeking guidance for the year-long undertaking.

“The class gives me plenty of time to write the paper so I don’t have to do it all at home,” senior Scott Adams said. “Having the teacher there is a bonus since she can assist us when needed.”

According to Kopp, seniors draw on both past and present classroom experiences to help ensure success on their research papers.

“Every teacher at West Shore has contributed to shaping the student today,”  she said. “We often get excellent, positive feedback from the teachers about the students’ papers, projects and speeches as well as the growth the student has demonstrated since they’ve been in their class.”

By Erin Sheridan