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Seniors ponder college majors

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While graduation is just months away, many seniors remain undecided on their majors for college.

“Some have a set goal in life, and for them it’s easy,” Guidance Counselor Chuck Keener said. “It always varies by each individual.”

Keener said before students choose a major, they should find out what classes are required for the degree.

“It’s always good to understand the types of classes required.” he said. “If you want to be a doctor, and you don’t like math or science, a career as a doctor might not be the best for you.”

Senior Meagan Larsen remains undecided.

“I just have a lot of choices,” she said.” I know I should probably pick something eventually.”

Keener also noted that career inventories help with the process of choosing a major.

“It’s a very wide range,” he said. “Some are interested in pre-med, some in engineering and others in business management. Just know what to expect.”

By Natalie Brown

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The School Newspaper of West Shore Junior/Senior High School
Seniors ponder college majors