Seniors getting ready for Senior breakfast

On Friday, Senior breakfast will be hosted at the Suntree Country Club at 8 a.m. Seniors typically try to look their best at this event because it is one of their last opportunities to show off any last good looks they have. But because the event is held at such an early time, dressing nice is a challenge for some.

“I can already feel getting ready for senior breakfast is going to be a struggle because it starts so early,” senior class Secretary Alyssa Feliciano said. “I’ll have to start getting ready at about 5:30 a.m. and that is troubling to think about.”

For other seniors, the difficulty of senior breakfast is not waking up early but the pressure of looking your best. 

“There’s always an incentive to look your best and senior breakfast is no exception as there will be a lot of pictures taken,” said senior Jett Morgan. “It’s normal to want to look good for something you only experience once and I just want to be happy with my appearance.”

By Armando Santamaria