Seniors weigh in on project due dates

The due date for first drafts of the Senior Project research paper has almost arrived, but that deadline varies depending on which senior seminar class a student is taking.

Instructor Amanda Kopp has the paper due Friday, while Mary Nelson has the paper due next Tuesday.

“I am very annoyed that Mrs. [Mary] Nelson’s kids get to work on the paper over the weekend,” said Stephanie Shaw, who is enrolled in Kopp’s class.

Jaclyn Martin, on the other hand, said she prefers Kopp’s earlier due date.

“Even though we have to turn our paper in earlier, I would rather have it done and not have to worry about it over the weekend,” she said.

Kopp said she breaks down the deadline dates into even smaller due dates in order to help her students.

“I will not check the papers until Tuesday,” she said. “However, the students need to have it done on Friday so they can spend the class time peer-editing. On Monday they will be fixing the comments that the students made.”

Jacqueline Sherry said she plans to take advantage of  Nelson’s later due date.

“It gives me more time to write a higher quality paper,” she said. “ Now I will be able to take my time and not just get it done.”

Nelson said she thinks her later due date will be advantageous.

“If it were due Friday, then the students would not have the whole week to do peer reviews,” she said. “I think peer reviews are an excellent tool for students so they can get help with their papers. Having the whole week to do this will mean better papers in the end.”

By Erin Sheridan