Senior to host yoga class

Sydney Saunders, Staff Writer

As part of her Senior Project, Ana Guerra will be hosting an instructional yoga class Saturday on Front Street Park at 9 a.m. Parents and students of any age are encouraged to participate, as there are activities for everyone present.

“I have been taking yoga classes throughout this year, and I learned about its benefits toward our bodies, so I thought that teaching others will help encourage healthy habits throughout their daily lives,” Guerra said. “Spending just 20-30 minuets per day practicing yoga can help regulate your body and its functions.”

Participants are encouraged to wear workout clothes and bring a beach towel, to practice the exercises on, and water to hydrate. During this class, shoes are optional, but are not necessary. The class will last for a hour-to a hour and a half.

“Its going to be a beginners, class since yoga can get quite intense.” Guerra said. “The most important thing is for people to enjoy themselves in a healthy safe way.