Senior Projects connect to career exploration

Senior Projects are in full swing and participants are busy researching and creating products that captivate them.

“I’m interested in helicopters because my grandpa was a pilot and I’m fascinated by them,” Jamie Rushnell said. “I hope to major in aeronautical engineering in college. My end product would be a radio-controlled helicopter, and some new knowledge about helicopters.

Sean Simonian also has tied his project to career exploration.

“My project is to learn how to develop a video game,” Simonian said. “This can help me with future jobs because if I go into computer science I will need to be familiar with coding and computers. My end product will be a video game I make.”

But before the proceed to their products, seniors must produce a research paper.

“The paper isn’t stressful at all. [Senior seminar teacher Amanda] Kopp makes sure you’re on task,” Rushnell said.

Both seniors hope to create an end product that could help them in the future with college and what they want to do with their lives.

By Tess Landis