Senior Project interviews due

With the first segment of the Senior Project deadline arriving soon, seniors must turn in their completed interview Nov. 12 and have it incorporated into their paper by Nov 13.

“I’m interviewed my consultant who works at the dance studio that I’m going to take lessons at,” senior Patrick Furino said. “I asked him about his teaching styles and how he accommodates to each student.”

The people chosen for the interviews cannot be family members. In addition to that, students cannot interview teachers because they teach six of seven classes.

“I interviewed Dr. Don Huber, a Purdue professor and an internationally recognized plant pathologist,” senior Lindsay Gorham said. “My paper topic is the dangerous effects of genetically modified foods and how they should be illegal.”

Gorham says the interviewing process went better than expected.

“I sent him an email of four questions, not really thinking he’d respond because he probably has better things to do rather than email a high school student,” she said. “But to my surprise he answered me with a ton of information which turned out to be really helpful to my paper. He also forwarded the email to like seven other accredited scientists, to which they all responded as well. So in the end I had so much information, I didn’t know what to do with it all.”

Gorham also says the amount of information she received made the writing simpler.

“With all the information I had, it really helped me make a stronger paper and aided my points that I talked about within the paper,” she said.