Senior practice project on crew team

Senior Ana Guerra hosted a yoga class for Space Coast Crew before Erg Sprints on Feb. 2 to practice for her yoga class that will be taught for her Senior Project.

Guerra’s yoga class will be open to anyone who wants to attend and will be coming up in the next few weeks. Guerra decided to teach the crew team before Erg Sprints to help prepare them.

“They have a really long and strenuous season coming up, and yoga is good for stretching out and relaxing the body,” she said.

A former rower, Guerra wanted to teach her first class to people she could practice in front of, and because she is still close with all of the rowers, she decided Saturday would be a good time.

“The class I did for the crew team was just for practice because I knew I could trust them, but I plan on doing an official class soon,” she said.

In preparation for her Senior Project, Guerra has been attending yoga classes since October, and even attended a full-day teacher training. She prepared to teach these classes by writing all the poses out the night before.

“I chose the poses based on what I knew best, and what I thought they could handle,” she said.

Looking forward to completing her Senior Project, Guerra anticipates that the final product will come out well.
“I think it will be a success,” she said. “The preview gave me an insight and many of my friends are going to come out and support me.”

By Evy Guerra