Senior paper deadlines kick in


Amanda Moscrip

In the computer lab, senior Ilana Krause highlights the different parts of her senior paper.

As seniors continue to write the research paper for their Senior Project, 2,000 words are due Fri. Oct 25.

“It was stressful to write because this just so happens to be the exact time when I am applying to colleges and writing essays for them as well,” senior Patrick Furino said. “And since a lot of the colleges I’m applying to have rolling admissions, the longer I get hung up doing my senior paper, the more people are getting accepted ahead of me.”

Senior Michelle Smith said her teacher has prepared her for this due date.

“It’s scary how quick the deadline came, but Ms. [Amanda] Kopp has kept us on track so I’m not worried about getting it in,” Smith said.

For the persuasive research paper, minimum requirement is 2,000 words for the standard format while an honors paper has a requirement of 3,000 words.

“It’s really stressful knowing that we have such a huge deadline because it feels like school only just started,” senior Erica Denni said. “Taking Senior Seminar helps out a lot with pacing yourself and getting things done on time.”