Senior election speeches

On Monday, April 20 the senior election speeches were held in the auditorium.  The Junior class gathered to listen to students who were running to represent the senior class.  Juniors Rebecca Castillo, Gabby McKessey, Brittany Etrick, Megan Ward, Mary-Grace Lally and Geoffrey Garrido all gave speeches explaining to their peers why they would be an adequate choice to be an elected officer.

Lally was the Junior class president this year and hopes to become the Vice President for the senior class.

“Being president this year was such an honor,” Lally said. “I think that all the officers did an exceptional job creating a memorable prom this year.  So I would be extremely honored if I were to be VP next year too.”

McKessey was not an officer this year, however, she said she believes she has strong abilities to put forth for the Historian position.

“I have good organization skills and a lot of experience in photography from being in yearbook,” McKessey said. “I have access to pictures that were taken from our first years here, which would be implemented in the senior slide show, which the Historian creates.”

The election day will be Monday, April 27 in homeroom.