Senior Class plans to design sweatshirts

In an effort to raise money for the Senior Breakfast in February, the Senior Class club is designing sweatshirts for 12th-grade students to purchase. The club is meeting in the cafeteria after-school Oct. 3 to discuss the sweatshirt design.

In addition to raising funds that will support the Senior Class, the sweatshirts will serve as memorabilia for the current school year.

“It’s something that we can remember our senior year by, but it’s also practical,” Senior Class treasurer Sierra Purden said. “It’s an easy fund-raiser and a good way for us to all match and still be different from the underclassmen.”

With the arrival of fall and winter quickly approaching,  students may soon find warm clothing a necessity.

“We wanted to design something to be worn year round, and a sweatshirt is good for cold weather and even a cold classroom,” Purden said.