Senior Class makes plan for T-shirts

After the successful annual Powderpuff game, Senior Class is moving on to a variety of plans, including an idea for class T-shirts.

“Someone is going to hopefully come up and design one for us,” club sponsor Melissa Henderson said. “We want it to be unique, and then each senior can get one.”

Class President Adrian Arias said the planning is still in the works.

“As such a close senior class, we felt it would only be fair to let a fellow member come up with a design,” he said. “This way each senior will have a chance to leave a lasting impression on the class of 2012- through the shirt.”

Senior Bianca Taraschi is excited for the T-shirts.

“I think of my class as one big family;” Taraschi said. “These shirts will be one more thing to remember the years by.”

By Ally Bauler