Senior Class gets ready for T-shirts

While soaking in their bittersweet moments, seniors are in the making of a class shirt featuring the signatures of all 12th-grade students.

Senior Class sponsor Paula Ladd is currently involved in the creation of the shirt.

“The shirt is a memory of their senior year,” she said. “Hopefully, every senior will come in and sign it, then we will send it to the printer with the featured signatures. It’ll be nice to see the seniors wearing their shirts.”

Senior Maddie Leary said she is excited for the T-shirt.

“It’s the shirt that the senior class gets every year to represent the class and school,” she said. “It is taking place soon and we are in the process of getting the signatures and ordering the shirt. I am definitely excited for the signed shirt. It’s like the traditional class shirts, and I think it will be a great thing to be able to look back on in a few years and see everybody’s signatures.”

By Briana Sandoval