Senior Class chooses superlatives

During homeroom Monday, members of the Senior Class voted for class song, class motto and class flower. The twelfth-graders also voted for senior superlatives. While class song, flower and motto will receive a second round of voting, senior superlatives receives only one. In addition, seniors will wait until second semester before choosing the “Worst Case of Senior-itis” winners. All superlative winners will be announced at an upcoming pep rally.

“I think it is cool that we get to pick the song, motto and flower but there are so many of us that it will be hard to come to one idea,” senior Kristina Manning said.

On Monday morning, Manning said voting would be a challenge.

“The hardest one to vote for will be the “Most Intelligent” since we have people like Lexie [Krehbiel], Rima [Chakatoura] and Ilana [Krause],” she said. ” But really I think they will all be hard to vote for.”

Senior Nathan Johnson concurred.

“I don’t know who to vote for since there are so many girls to choose from,” he said.

The second round of voting for class song, class motto and flower will be held during homeroom on Sept. 10.