See You at the Pole set for Wednesday


Fellowship of Christian Athletes will meet Wednesday at 8 a.m. for  “See You at the Pole,” an early morning event at which all students are welcome to pray over their school, their staff and anything that may be of concern to them. Senior Melinda Silaghi, who serves as a co-president of West Shore’s chapter, expressed her enthusiasm.

“See You at the Pole is a great time of fellowship where we can get together as a faith family,” Silaghi said. “Various members have volunteered to make posters, prepare a couple songs and find Bible verses.”

Students of all ages are encouraged to come to the northern soccer field to participate in this annual event.

As a club, Fellowship of Christian Students is also awaiting its next “Collision” event. This experience is one of the most important efforts in the club’s student outreach.

Collision is a national organization that hosts events for Christian high-school students to share in each other’s faith. These meetings often involve the exchange of Bible verses, the sharing of testimonies and the worship through music and fellowship. The next Collision event will take place Nov. 13 and all are welcome to participate.

“The last Collision event, which took place [Sunday], was a really awesome experience,” Silaghi said. “It was a little different from all the other events I had gone to in the past. This specific meeting was in preparation for See You at the Pole events all across Brevard County.”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is making the element of outreach one of their main goals for this school year. This objective will be achieved by efforts such as club bonding and special Friday night events.

“I feel like [Fellowship of Christian Students] is a very encouraging factor in my life,” club member Mircea Silaghi said. “It reassures me to know that I constantly have friends who have my back. I am excited for the events that are to come from the club’s efforts.”

By Lauren Novak