Science lab adds spooky touch for Halloween

Science teacher Linda Johnson and her eighth-grade class decided to dip their tongs into some dry ice on Halloween for a spooky school activity to learn about sublimation.

“Technically it is in the curriculum. I want you to know I’m teaching the standards every day,” Johnson said. “We have to learn about states of matter and phase change, and so dry ice is a great activity to learn about substances that don’t have that melting point.”

While doing the dry ice activity Johnson expressed some concerns regarding students safety.

“It’s really, really cold so it will burn your skin if you don’t handle it with gloves or tongs,” Johnson said. “We also used hot water. There’s always some concerns with that.”

Eighth-grader Nicholas C. participated in Johnson’s dry ice activity.

“Just having a fun time with my group and seeing what dry ice can do with different types of water is really cool,” he said.

A parent donated money to help with the activity.

“About $20 worth of dry ice will do the whole day,” Johnson said. “One of the problems with teaching science is it’s expensive.”

By Lauren Grabowski

Editors’ Note: Brevard Public Schools prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.