Science fair students face new competition

Interpreting his final piece of data, sophomore Nathan Foo adds the finishing touches to his board, a process fairly familiar to him, as he aims to acquire another first place in the regional science fair.

Foo and many students across campus will compete in the annual regional fair Friday and Saturday; however, a change of scenery will accompany them when they show off their research.

“This year we were moved to a new district,” Foo said. “In previous years, we were in the Mainland Fair, but now we’re in the South Fair.”

Carrying the burden of three straight first places at the fair, Foo said he feels a hint of pressure as a change in districts brings new, tougher opponents.

“It changes things because everything is different,” he said. “With there being completely different schools from before, it’s going to be interesting, as I have no idea who I will be competing against.”

One of the more notable differences in the fairs will be the attendance of Melbourne High School, whose students won 10 out of the 13 possible first places in the South Fair last year. 

“I’m not too worried at all. We’re West Shore,” sophomore Chris Hinshaw said. “I doubt that this change in district will have any effect on our usual performance.”

Hinshaw, also a previous first-place winner, hopes to be rewarded after taking a year off from competing.

“Right after the fair two years ago, I began thinking about what my next project will be,” he said. “We’ve been doing so much preparing that I hope it pays off.”

Boards will be set-up at the Melbourne Square Mall on Friday and Saturday and the event is free and open to the public.

By Julien Wakim