School welcomes Surf Service Club

Not all surfing at school is done on the web. A Surf Service Club recently formed as the result of a request by the students.

“I wanted the club to start because I know that there are a lot of kids who go to West Shore who like to surf as much as I do,” said sophomore Nathan Johnson, who founded the club.

Johnson first had to get a minimum of 25 signatures of students willing to join the club. He then had to submit a proposal to the administration stating how it would benefit the school.

“The club has met my expectations so far,” Johnson said. “However, I think it will improve later on in the year by getting more noticed by the whole school.”

The club has 29 members and is sponsored by Jim Peterson, who teaches career research and speech.

“I was asked by three students if I would volunteer to be the sponsor, and I was happy to do so,” Peterson said.

Peterson has big plans for the club’s community service projects.

“We have about four different options,” Peterson said. “The most supportive one is some type of beach cleanup project.”

By Liam Wixted