SADD to distribute fliers before Prom

The Students Against Destructive Decisions club is planning to distribute fliers in  the parking lot as a way to combat drinking and driving after Prom.

“I think drinking is an issue basically at any Prom. If not at prom itself, at the after parties drinking can become an issue,” junior Haley Radliff said.

The fliers will feature statistics to support a general message of ‘don’t drink and drive’.

“Any kind of reminder to not drink and drive is going to be effective to some extent, definitely so close to the actual night of prom. It makes me feel safer [about driving] that students have been reminded and hopefully will take that to heart,” junior Tori Hare said.

SADD Club plans to have a meeting to finalize its plans Thursday and will distribute fliers on Friday.

By Katelyn Kent