SADD offers chance to pie a teacher

SADD Club will be holding a fund-raiser that will end March 22 to raise money for the club. Students can donate money to a teacher’s jar, and the teacher who raises the most money will be rewarded with a pie in the face.

“We have Mr. [Jim] Pustay, Mr. [Bob] Sarvar, Mr. [John] Krehbiel, Mr. [Rick] Fleming, Mr. [Jim] Melia, and Mr. [Jim] Finch,” SADD sponsor Jessica Hartman said. “The Friday before spring break is when we will announce the winner and probably pie them in the face the same day.”

The money is being raised in anticipation of several upcoming campaigns.

“We are going to be doing a couple of campaigns on safe driving,” SADD Vice President Nithya Sheshadri said, “It’s important because in our school a lot of students don’t think it [an automobile accident] will happen to them.”

By Molly Minta