SADD Club introduces bully box

A “bully box” will be put up in the cafeteria in the near future, sponsored by Students Against Destructive Decisions. Students will be able to anonymously report bullying they witness around campus by writing a note about what they saw and dropping it in the box. Once in the box, Student Resource Officer Chuck Landmesser will deal with it as he sees fit.

“I think it’s a good idea because a lot of people are really hesitant to report bullying because they don’t want people to blame them or call them a snitch,” said junior Ana Rosal. She added that the anonymity of the bully box will take care of that.

There is already an anti-bullying hotline set up to encourage students to call in incidents they witness, but junior Maggie Rice said students don’t always recognize bullying.

“I feel like people are really reluctant to bring up bullying mainly because they don’t know what it is half the time, so [the bully box] will bring attention to it and people will be like ‘Oh, that’s what bullying is,”’ she said.

By Katelyn Kent