Rowdy fan kicked out of soccer game

A fan from Edgewood’s section of the bleachers interrupted the Purrfections’ half time performance during the boys’ soccer regional semifinal game on Tuesday. The dancers expressed frustration with the unsportsmanlike act.

“I was really hoping he would run in front of us when we were kicking so I could kick him in the face,” senior Erin Sheridan said. “We are only out there for two minutes, he had eight other minutes to do whatever.”

Despite the distraction, the dancers said they remained unfazed.

“At first it shook me up a little,” junior Kristina Youngson said. “But then I realized that everyone just kept going, so it was better to continue instead of looking inexperienced and rattled.”

After the performance, Assistant Principal Robert Farrell escorted the fan out of the stadium.

“I was happy he was gone,” Sheridan said.

The Purrfections will travel with the boys’ soccer team to Gainesville on Friday to support them during the regional final game against East Side High School.

“We have to be their moral support,” Sheridan said.

By Kara Marin