Rookie powerlifters take the platform

The powerlifting team will be competing this weekend in the Strong Life Training Facility on Babcock Street in the last meet before the state championship in January.

“This meet is to allow the newer kids who have just joined the team to be able to get platform experience before the state championships,” Coach Spero Tshontikidis said. “They haven’t had the experience of lifting in a competitive environment and in front of people. The more platform experience the kids get, the better off they will be. We don’t want them screwing up at the state meet where there is going to be a lot of people watching them and judges watching their every single move.”

Sophomore Andrew Hung said it is important to be able to compete in this type of environment.

“The more experience you are able to get the better off you will be,” Hung said. “When I first joined the powerlifting team I was intimidated by the amount of people there were and everybody shouting and encouraging me to get the weight up. But now I am able to use all the encouragement in becoming focused and determined to be able to challenge myself with weights I have never accomplished.”

By Stone Kershaw