Rockledge doubles up ’Cats 10-5

Desiree Shields, Staff Writer

Freshman Austin Altevogt and eighth-grader Tom Sherry each scored two points, but it was not enough as the boys’ lacrosse team fell to the Rockledge Raiders 10-5 Tuesday night.

“We could have done a lot better. Last time we only lost to them by three, and they aren’t that good of a team,” junior Ryan Bellone said. “We fell apart in the first and second quarter. We should have came out with fire in the first and second quarter like before.”

Altevogt expressed mixed feelings following the loss.

“I felt pretty good to help the team out in a lead,” he said. ” We can now focus on preparing to win against Melbourne High School.”

The team will face the Bulldogs in an away game Thursday night.

Tuesday’s loss followed Friday’s 12-3 defeat a the hands of Satellite.

“We just weren’t in the game,” freshman Lev Freeman said. “We weren’t as prepared as Satellite was.”

Although the boys were able to score three goals and produce some offense, it wasn’t enough against the Scorpions.

“They were just the better team,” sophomore Chris Melchori said. “They put shots on the cage [goal] and had a stronger defense then us.”

— Mikayla Almeida contributed to this report.