Roar staff nears December print deadline

The news magazine staff has been working on the December issue which is scheduled to come out before mid-terms.

“It is challenging keeping up with deadlines,”  Editor in Chief Rosellen Rodriguez,(12) said. “Leighton Johnson, Emily Lovelock and myself are the only returning news magazine staff members.”

Rodriguez said she is pleased with her team.

“I’m really excited for what each staff member brings to the table,” she said. “I know each newspaper we put out will be better than ever before because of them and their hard work. I love journalism and the news magazine, no matter how stressful it gets.”

The staff seems unanimous about having fun even with the stress of deadlines.

“When the deadlines are coming up we’re all scrambling to get everything done which can be stressful but a lot of fun,” Sophia Bailly (10) said.

One of the team’s challenges is how small their staff is compared to yearbook and TV productions, however they still manage to get the magazines done by deadline.

 “We have a small staff of around 12 people,” Rodriquez said. “However it’s quite diverse and they’re all talented in writing, no matter who they are because with enough guidance they can really write amazing stories. Some people are more eccentric and extroverted than others with some staying reserved and quiet. We’re all just a mismatched group of people from all over because you couldn’t really picture us together if it weren’t for newspaper.”

Bailey said she prefers the smaller group.

“It’s definitely more of a family environment with the smaller group, which I like,” Bailly said.

By Kelsi Minter