Research students reflect as presentations begin

Science Research students at West Shore began their presentations at the Melbourne Square Mall Friday. The classes have been preparing all year, and now that the work is done they are beginning to look back on their preparations and the work they have done in the class.

“We practiced presenting in class this week.” Science Research student Faith Collins [9] said. “I [also] personally read through all my research to study and make sure I know my stuff.”

As presentations concluded on Friday, students looked back at the fears that they had beforehand. Collins has taken the class before, so she knows from experience which parts of presentations can bring the most fear.

“With judging I am always nervous about questions they may have,” Collins said. “A lot of them know a bunch of background with your project and ask tough questions.”

Now that all of their work is completed, students can reflect on what they enjoyed most about the class.

“My favorite part about science research is getting to meet so many people who are interested in the same stuff as you,” Collins said. “You actually learn a lot from just talking to them.”

By Alexandria Wright