Research project due date looms

Science Research classes, led by instructor Magdalena Molledo, are in a rush to get finished with their experiments before Winter Break. Because the due date is immediately after student return on Jan. 8, many students plan to work on their projects throughout the break. 

“You have to choose a project you can do within a couple of weeks due to time constraints,” Faith Collins [9] said.

While Collins is worried about finishing her experiment in time, she also takes into account many of the other basic requirements for a science project.

“You have to follow basic scientific method stuff, like have a hypothesis, materials, results,” she said.

In addition to these things, students are required to do several other assignments that correlate with their project and the research they did for it. These other assignments will be due after their break at a later date, but also add to the stress of finishing all of the work on time.

“You have to write a 2,000 word research paper just on the research on the topic,” Collins said. “There’s also a logbook and a reprint file for all your articles you use for research.”

By Alexandria Wright